Teachers do incredible things for their students every day. We’d like to celebrate those lasting memories. Leaving an Imprint.

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Ashanti Branch

Ashanti Branch wasn’t originally going to be a teacher. He studied Civil Engineering in college and went on to ...

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Cameron Yang

Part of our goal at Imprint is to document the journeys of all types of people becoming educators. In our ...

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Jesus Ramirez

Jesus Ramirez recounts a victory story about one of his students while he was a teacher at Minnesota Transitions Charter ...


A teacher and a student inspire each other to pursue higher education

Every day I am so inspired by Ismael. He is an extremely charismatic, kind, and well-spoken individual. He is intellectually ...


The power of literature and a great teacher make all the difference

Ms. Sexton, a Minneapolis Public Schools legacy, is unquestionably one of the best teachers that I have ever had. She ...


Teachers make a difference in 1960s Harlem

I attended a parochial school in all-black Harlem in the 1960s where all my teachers were Irish Catholic nuns. These ...

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From a refugee camp to high school teacher

Ayan Omar understands the power and importance of one’s name. She encourages other immigrants to accept their names and ...