What do coaches, zookeepers, and doctors have in common?

They all build tight-knit relationships with people by sharing their expertise and empowering those around them through teaching and training.

In fact, nearly every career incorporates teaching in some way. Education is fundamental to building an informed and just society.  Even more so today, becoming a teacher could even be considered an instrument of social justice!

Teaching as a profession is being transformed by people like you.

Would you like to play a role in it?

Creating an Imprint on Your Community

An Imprint is made when we connect with others through caring and contributing the gift of our time. Being a teacher is for people who desire to share that gift, making the lasting Imprint that lifts up the children they guide into the future.

Through teaching, we validate others’ experiences and can challenge them to reach new heights. By making space for students to find their passions, we can create lasting experiences together.

How to Imprint

Yes, you can affect change!

Consider how you can apply your skills in these areas.


The only person who has experienced the combination of highs and lows that you have is you. Sharing your lived experience can lead to insights and ideas no one has thought of before. Imagine the difference you can make in a student’s life sharing that experience.


Listening - one of the most essential and powerful life skills. We all desire to be heard. Sometimes all a student needs is someone who will truly hear their concerns, struggles, or even excitement. Creating a safe space for them to express themselves has ripple effects, and can help countless others over a lifetime. Do you want to Imprint?

Be Your Self

Being authentic is powerful. When you bring your true self to the table, you empower others to do so. Teaching can be transformative for students when you meet them in this way.  Imagine what we could accomplish if we all “played large” in being fully and authentically expressed.  Do you want to Imprint?

Who else imprints?

What are other jobs you know of that use teaching as part of their work? Give a shout-out here!

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