Announcing Imprint

Imprint is a new platform for elevating justice, equity, and leadership in Minnesota. It’s a space where people who want to lead—people who want to inspire others to create better communities—can discover pathways to the teaching profession and help advance real change in Minnesota. Minnesota needs more teachers of color and American Indian teachers—and so do Minnesota students!  While American Indian students and students of color make up 32 percent of K-12 students in Minnesota, only 4 percent are teachers of color and American Indian teachers.

Compelling research proves racially and ethnically diverse teachers are important to the success of ALL students, especially children of color and American Indian children. Building our nation is done one child at a time and requires all of us to be part of the solution.

Join the Imprint community to learn and understand more deeply about the teaching profession, to be a champion for teachers, and better yet, to discover how you can leave an Imprint on people, your communities, and the world by becoming a teacher in Minnesota.

Please take a few minutes to EXPLORE THE SITE, and then let us know what your impressions are.  Join the Imprint community to stay connected with updates on resources, events and/or the platform itself (which is a work in progress).