From teachers to students

A former student who was an Educators Rising club member in high school persisted through college and graduated with a degree and a teacher license. They returned to the school district and got hired as a high school teacher and is now an Educators Rising Club Advisor, coming full circle from where they started. 

-Melissa Jordan, NWSISD

There was a student I taught in 5th/6th grade that I stayed in touch with pretty regularly until the last few year. She is now a junior in high school and recently reached out to me for help with college applications and applying for financial aid. I was really grateful that even after so many years I could still be a resource for her and she knew that I was someone who could support her and help her out. 

-Hannah Foley, Generation Next

I recently had a chance to return to my 1st and 2nd grade classroom to do student teaching! It was fun and meaningful for me to work with teachers who made such a difference in my life as a student as well as to give back to the next generation of students.

-Josh Reimnitz, Breakthrough Twin Cities