Black Men Teach


Black Men Teach’s mission is to recruit, prepare, place and retain Black male teachers in elementary schools. To do so, the organization creates an environment in which Black male teachers can thrive, because a child’s schooling experience will never be complete without them.

The program aims to serve Black boys and all children in the educational system by supporting Black male teachers in the public school setting.

Black Men Teach addresses all of the challenges faced by Black male teacher candidates: recruitment, training options and costs, induction, school culture, meaningful career paths, and adequate compensation.

The programming takes place in the Twin Cities area.

The programming takes place year round.

Black boys with Black elementary school teachers were 29% less likely to drop out of school years later [Gershenson, Hart, Hyman, Lindsay, and Papageorge 2018]. By supporting Black men to join the teaching workforce, Black Men Teach hopes to make a world of difference in how the black student sees himself, how he comes to value (or not) education, where he sees himself in the future, and what he does in the future.

Contact: Paul Gunderson