Reading and Math Inc


Minnesota Reading/Math Corps seeks to close the achievement gap by training tutors to help children who are facing difficulties in reading or math.  Focusing on one-on-one instruction, Minnesota Reading/Math Corps delivers individualized lessons and a data-driven approach to boost the reading and math skills of children from Pre-K through 8th grade. 

Our members serve students Pre-K through 3rd grade in Reading and 4th through 8th grade in Math. 

The program tries to increase school teacher capacity/MTSS capacity by having tutors trained in literacy and maths. They have Tier 2 and Tier 3 interventions for those interested in or already have teaching licenses.

Pre-k centers, elementary schools, and middle schools across the state can have a Minnesota  Reading/Math Corps located within them.

The program operates during the school year, with start dates in August, September, October, and January.

To increase site/teacher MTSS capacity members. The organization’s volunteers also come to the program to explore the world of education/teaching and to get some money to further their education.

Contact: Alison Zellmer