Early Childhood Educators – Transforming Minnesota’s Early Childhood Workforce


Transforming Minnesota’s Early Childhood Workforce improves outcomes for young children by ensuring that Minnesota has a diverse, qualified, well-supported and fairly compensated workforce. We want to create an environment that respects and understands the background, cultures, and languages of the children in the system. Teachers are the most important component of a high quality learning experience and we are focusing on supporting the early childhood workforce with the long-term goal of improving the outcomes for children

The primary target population of their work is the early childhood workforce and the children for whom they provide care and education.  These educators, almost all women, include family child care providers, child care center staff, Head Start teachers, preschool teachers and more.

Their programming is about improving the quality, education and compensation of the early childhood workforce.  When all children receive quality care and education, we build the foundations of our future workforce, citizenry and communities.  Investing in the early childhood workforce is one of the smartest investments we can make in our shared prosperity.

They are a virtual public-private partnership that is statewide in Minnesota.  The primary fiscal sponsor is the West Central Initiative. 

There is no in-center programming, rather the activities of the organization occur year round in the form of lobbying and outreach.

Positive early experiences are the building blocks of brain development and the early childhood workforce is a critical component to this process.  As brain builders, early educators need scaffolding such as quality education, opportunities for ongoing professional development and fair compensation.  When we support our early childhood educators, they can provide the types of experiences that Minnesota’s children need to be successful in ongoing learning and growth.

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