Hiawatha Academies


Hiawatha Academies is a network of college-preparatory schools focused on closing the opportunity gap in Minneapolis. The network seeks to create a K-12 school experience that empowers scholars with the knowledge, character, and leadership skills to graduate from college and serve the common good. Hiawatha Academies is committed to making our city and our world a more inclusive, equitable, and just place.

Approximately 1,500 scholars comprise Hiawatha Academies’ student body.

Hiawatha Academies strives to create inclusive learning communities that are rigorous, joyful, and build student agency. Families are an important partner in building a school community and shaping students’ learning, confidence, decision-making, and goals. Staff are empowered, supported, and developed in order to realize our school culture and instructional vision

The programming takes place in five South Minneapolis Schools: Hiawatha Leadership Academy – Morris Park (K-4), Hiawatha Leadership Academy – Northrop (K-4), Hiawatha College Prep – Kingfield (5-8), Hiawatha College Prep – Northrop (5-8), and Hiawatha Collegiate High School (9-12).

The programming takes place during the academic school year, August through June.

To honor the humanity of all people, Hiawatha Academies actively disrupts systemic inequity in pursuit of an equitable world. Hiawatha Academies permanently disrupts educational inequity by ensuring a great school for every child.

Contact: Dawn Gunderson Taylor

Email: dgundersontaylor@hiawathaacademies.org