Generation Next


Generation Next is a coalition of civic, business, and education leaders from across Minneapolis and Saint Paul dedicated to closing achievement and opportunity gaps. Using the three strategic levers of funding, policy, and practice, Generation Next implements a collective impact model to increase achievement for all students.  Their mission is to harness the community’s knowledge, expertise, and action to ensure that every child can thrive. 

This program aims to serve current and new TOCAI candidates, education organizations (schools, districts, nonprofits & post-secondary), as well as the students the TOCAI’s are serving. 

There are many pieces of the program, but a major piece is the alignment of expectations across TPPs and PK-12 systems to help ease the transition into teaching. With this alignment comes convening PK-12 and higher ed systems leaders to set common strategies and targets.

The programing occurs within the cities Minneapolis and St. Paul. 


The program occurs all year long, typically it has monthly meetings of both the Executive Team and the Leadership Committee. 

Generation Next works as a collaborator between teachers, schools, and other organizations that are trying to retain and impact TOCAIs. However, the individual organizations have a difficult time seeing progress, because they are not working together. By connecting these organizations, Generation Next hopes to help these organizations see results through collaboration.

Contact: Joe Munnich