Equity Alliance MN


The mission of Equity Alliance MN is to help educational institutions develop equitable learning systems and narrow the gap in opportunity, achievement, expectations, and resources for every student and staff member through teaching, learning, and community engagement.


Who is the program serving?

The program serves the teachers and students at these schools, trying to get students to learn about other cultures as well as other students, and giving teachers the skill set to do so.  


What is the program about?

The program is about bringing together academic and cross-district integrated classrooms. Equity Alliance MN supports voluntary integration among public schools in the East Metro Twin Cities area.


Where is the program taking place?

The program takes place in nine suburban districts as well as the East Metro District of St. Paul, MN. They also have conferences and meetings in the Twin Cities Area that discuss in depth equity in the classroom setting and ways to support Teachers of Color in these arenas.   


When does the program take place?

The programing of meetings occurs roughly every 2 to 3 months.


Why is it important?

Teachers of color need “safe” spaces to grow and develop as educators and to also address nuanced experiences in schools.


Contact: Regina Seabrook 

Email: regina.seabrook@equityalliancemn.org

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