Minneapolis Special Education Teacher Residency


The Minneapolis Special Education Teacher Residency (MSTR) is a pathway to licensure that will prepare highly effective and diverse special education teachers who will create increased opportunities for students receiving special education services in Minneapolis Public Schools.

The program is open to unlicensed MPS employees and employees of their community partners who work in the MPS district. Applicants must hold a bachelor’s degree and are interested in becoming a special education teacher. They are not accepting outside applicants at this time.

The MSTR is a way for unlicensed educators to receive their K-12 ABS (Academic and Behavioral Strategist) license in Special Education.

The programming takes place in Minneapolis throughout the public school system through a partnership with the University of  St. Thomas.

The programming is an accelerated 15-month program from June until  August of the following year.

This programming allows for those underrepresented in the teaching field an opportunity to join it and have their voices heard as well as increasing the number of Special Education teachers in the Minneapolis area.

Contact: Channing Jones

Email:  channing.jones@mpls.k12.mn.us