PELSB is the licensure board for the Greater Minnesota Area. The organization works to help individuals who are interested in becoming teachers, and those who are currently teachers find the best ways for them to receive a license in the new Tiered system. They also do data research and presentations on said research on the teaching market in Minnesota.

The program is serving future and current teachers, as well as supporting TPPs in terms approving programing in the course requirements. 

The program has many different facets all focused on the teaching licensing process.  

The programing typically takes place in their St. Paul location, though meeting notes appear online. 

The programming takes place all year round. There is typically a month turn around for licensure approval, and the St. Paul’s office holds several meetings a month on different topics. Typically these meetings meet the requirements for teachers wishing to renew their license. 

This program is important because it helps clarify the requirements for teachers across the state of Minnesota, and makes sure that those who teach are at the same caliber no matter their location. 

Contact: Yelena Bailey