Breakthrough Twin Cities


Breakthrough Twin Cities provides a six-year college access program to support highly motivated, yet under-resourced students and families in the Twin Cities. In middle school we provide academic enrichment programming during the summer in which college and high-school students become Teaching Fellows and inspire youth to grow and reach their goals.

The program is serving high school and college students interested in becoming teachers, as well as the students of the program who typically meet two or more of the following need-criteria: to be a first generation student in a HEI, qualify for free or reduced lunch, learned English as a second language, live in single-parent family, or come from a racial or ethnic minority group that is under-represented in college.

The program follows a student teaching students model. The high school and college students, called “Teaching Fellows,” teach middle school students during the summer.

The program serves mostly St. Paul students, but not entirely. Programming takes place at St. Paul Central High School and Mounds Park Academy. 

The majority of the programming takes place during the 9-week summer programing, though during the school year there are meetings with individual students on Saturdays. 

Our program provides exposure and real opportunities to practice teaching without making significant (long-term) time and monetary commitments. It also supports the students (middle schooler and high schoolers) the skills necessary to graduate from a four year college or university.

Contact: Josh Reiminitz