You need to get oriented. It’s typically lasts the first two or three days of employment, sometimes called New Teacher Week, and should be the beginning event of onboarding for teachers, but it’s only one event.


This is a process beyond orientation. It conveys a school district’s values, explains people and professional culture, aligns expectations and performance, and provides the resources that are essential for employees to be successfully integrated into his or her position with pre-planned efforts.

Tenure Process

As teachers mature in their careers, and gain experience in their area of expertise, the teaching profession honors your growth by allowing you to reach the professional distinction of tenure! This level of attainment occurs over a period of years based on the number of instructional hours of teaching and other factors. This secures your position for life in most cases.


Teachers are colleagues. They help each other grow, and you can get support from a more experienced teacher to help you learn the ropes!

Affinity Groups

There are many professional groups that help support you in your area of passion. Are you in to science? Or maybe music is your thing? These various groups are fun ways to grow your experience!


There are lots of specific advancement opportunities. Schools often create groups of faculty that help run programs within your school to improve the student and teaching experience. See if there is one in your school!