Equity Alliance MN

Description: The mission of Equity Alliance MN is to help educational institutions develop equitable learning systems and narrow the gap in opportunity, achievement, expectations, and resources for every student and staff member through teaching, learning, and community engagement. Contact: Regina Seabrook  Email: regina.seabrook@equityalliancemn.org Learn more at:  https://www.equityalliancemn.org

Generation Next

Description: Generation Next is a coalition of civic, business, and education leaders from across Minneapolis and Saint Paul dedicated to closing achievement and opportunity gaps. Using the three strategic levers of funding, policy, and practice, Generation Next implements a collective impact model to increase achievement for all students.  Their mission is to harness the community’s


Description:  Minnesota Education Equity Partnership uses a race equity lens to transform educational institutions, organizations, and leaders to ensure that students of color and American Indian students achieve full academic and leadership success. The organization envisions a just society in which an equitable educational ecosystem ensures all students achieve their full potential.  Contact: Rose Chu Email: rchu@mneep.org 


Description: PELSB is the licensure board for the Greater Minnesota Area. The organization works to help individuals who are interested in becoming teachers, and those who are currently teachers find the best ways for them to receive a license in the new Tiered system. They also do data research and presentations on said research on

Hopkins School District

Description: Hopkins Public Schools is an award-winning school district with a K-12 population of about 6,800 students. The district has six elementary schools, one magnet Chinese immersion school (XinXing Academy), two junior high schools and one high school. Contact: Stanley Brown Email: stanley.brown@hopkinsschools.org

University of St. Thomas

Description:  St. Thomas’s School of Education offers  preparation for Minnesota’s teachers and leaders. By exposing their students to real-world problems and solutions, students gain the opportunity to develop skills across disciplines. Their students learn from educators who impart a balance of practical, professional knowledge grounded in theory, with ideas they can apply to their own

Breakthrough Twin Cities

Description:  Breakthrough Twin Cities provides a six-year college access program to support highly motivated, yet under-resourced students and families in the Twin Cities. In middle school we provide academic enrichment programming during the summer in which college and high-school students become Teaching Fellows and inspire youth to grow and reach their goals. Contact: Josh Reiminitz

Teach for America

Description: TFA is a national organization of change makers and coalition-builders. Leaders who teach, and teachers who lead. From classrooms to districts to state houses across America, they are reimagining education to realize the day when every child has an equal opportunity to learn, grow, influence and lead. Contact:Jostna Dash  Email:jostna.dash@teachforamerica.org

Roseville Area Schools

Description: Roseville Area Schools, Independent School District 623, is known for its tradition of excellence. The District has: 6 neighborhood elementary schools, a dual language immersion (Spanish) elementary program, a K-8 school, a K-6 year-round inter-district integration magnet school, a 7-8 middle school, an alternative high school, a 9-12 high school, an adult learning center,